Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today and yesterday have been great writing days for me. I felt surges of creativity and new ideas. I feel like my book changes each time I write, it grows with everyday. I have one main outline I stick to, but all the in between details can change with a whim. The reality of exactly how much research I am going to have to do for this book just hit me today. I spent an hour reading about the Duomo in Florence, Italy. I have been to the Duomo multiple times, but I discovered that I do not know much about it's history. Patience is also key in this process as I take the time to write about the details of the different places, but how can one write about all the details of the Duomo? That would be a book in itself. Eventually, I will have to find my happy medium between literally descriptive, and too vague. I would post part of the book for you all to read, but it is still in the baby stages. It would make me nervous to let the public, or just a few friends read it now. Maybe when I have gained more confidence in it, I will put up a bit and get you guys feedback.

Here's to creative endeavors that keep our minds running.

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