Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pink Flower

There is this pink flower in the backyard. I found it's pot knocked over, and turned it back to it's right side. Since that day, I have made the flower my metaphor for these months. It was knocked over, but it was picked up and turned back towards the sun. It has lived through freezes and rains. Everyday, I check on the pink flower to see if it is withering or growing. Each day it turns it's head to the sun, and in the storms, it soaks up the goodness of the rain so it can grow.

I am the pink flower. I was knocked over, and hands picked me up. I survived the freezes and the torrential downpours. Everyday, I turn my head towards the sun, and when the storms come out, I take in the rain so that I can grow. Brighter, and more beautiful with everyday.

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Ragan said...

what a beautiful metaphor! :)