Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Cave

In the Old Testament, before David became king, he was in a cave. King Saul, who used to favor him, now wanted to kill him out of jealousy. Essentially, he lost his job. Then he went to the Phillistines and pretended to be crazy so they might give him sanctuary, but they didn't want another crazy person. Then he goes and hides out in the cave. On the bright side, he had acquired a group of people that were in bad situations themselves , and together, they formed their own city. One day, their city was pillaged while the men were out. Everything and everyone was carried off. The people blame David. He also in this time period loses his first wife who was Saul's daughter. His best friend could no longer maintain contact with him either, since he was Saul's son. David is stripped of everything: job, friends, wife, family, reputation, home, and comfort.

Psalm 142 is David's lament to the Lord. The Lord welcomes our laments. Which is such a comfort to my heart. I am glad that the Lord does not want me pretend that I am always happy or that things are always wonderful. I think I seem to forget that Jesus also did some time in a cave as well. He knows the lament very well. This is my time in the cave, and this is my time to write my lament. I will write, and I will learn. The time of the cave will eventually pass, I just to have to remember that everyday until that day comes.

*These thoughts were also sparked from "If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat."

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