Sunday, January 17, 2010

Simple Things

A dear friend of mine, and fellow blogger wrote a simple statement this week about enjoying the simple things. I feel at times, it is difficult to do this. I forget the simple things the Lord gives me, and sometimes, the bigger things too.

In an attempt to live in a way that is pure, lovely, wonderful, and pleasing to the Lord, I am making a list of the simple things that I enjoy.

The beauty of simplicity:
-laughter with friends
-blue skies
-blankets to cuddle in
-30 Rock
-the fact that my car is orange like a tangerine
-fish in aquariums
-Planet Earth DVDs
-Nickel Creek's music
-pleasant aromas
-wind in the tree branches
-cooking for other people
-the way my little brother always tries to hold open doors, carry my bags, or hold onto a bottle I am trying to open
-the way my sister lets me borrow her clothes and shares her house with me

I am going to try to continue the list week, as an active effort to enjoy or rejoice in life now.

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