Saturday, January 23, 2010

Revel in the simple.

Simple Things that I can revel in, simple things great and small.
Simple Things all shapes and sizes, the Lord made them all.
Simple Things that lift my heart, simple things that astound my eyes.
Simple Things that look like difficult things, but are just in disguise.
Simple Things that time cannot comprehend or erase or replace.
Simple Things inside the Earth or outside it in cosmic space.
Simple Things that create a melody for my heart to sing.
Simple Things on pages that take flight with their wings.
Simple Things that children know, but adults forget as they grow.
Simple Things are what love knows best, and we should be blessed to remember the rest.

More Simple Things for today:
-snails on the sidewalk at night
-wind chimes
-earrings that sparkle
-words that rhyme

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