Friday, March 6, 2009


Since the last post, there have not been any major revelations in my life. God is still revealing new things like how I can better love my co-workers and extend mercy to them. Some exciting news is that I painted a piece that is going to be used for a show that our Daegu Theater Troupe is putting on. I am not sure whether I will be going to the show or not since it is the Vagina Monologues....yeah. In one sense, that show is good because it highlights awareness of abuse towards women and the maltreatment of women all over the world, but on the other hand, there are so many other dirty things about it. I will not elaborate on what they are for your sakes if you do not already know. In spite of this, I am still excited that they want to use my painting. It centers around recovery for a women who has been the victim of abuse. I am still working on the little details, but here are a few pictures of what I have so far.

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Molly Kate said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I'm so proud of you! I know what you mean about the v.m., but how amazing that you get to share your perspective and share God's love! :)