Sunday, March 15, 2009

Out of Body

This weekend there was this show called the "CRAP ART SHOW". I was not too fond of the name, but it consisted of people going to different rooms and creating art. There was a sketch room, a sculpture room, a painting room, spray paint in the hall, and a music room. I spent a few minutes in the sketch room drawing a mouth with a city inside of it. It was my reaction to all the crude things that people has done and called "art" in the room. Lots of the crude things were words, which is why I chose to draw a mouth. The mouth had a city in it to represent the fact that we the power to move nations and cities with our words. We should not waste them, but use them well. Maybe someone will see the sketch and get the meaning.

My favorite room was the music room. It had three electric guitars, and a keyboard. I went in there at 8:15pm and started playing the guitar. Around 8:30pm, a guy named Nick walks in and starts to play one of the guitars too. My guitar skills are minimal, so I was shy about playing in front of another person. I have actually never had a jam session with someone else playing the guitar. It is always me, by myself in my room where no one can mock my music or skill. Nick, was a really nice guy, he encouraged me to play the guitar with him. I took him up on his invitation and began to gain confidence. My level of creative playing has gone up since moving to Korea, most likely because there are not many outside influences. It is just me expressing myself. I never felt highly encouraged in my artistic skills, only in vocals, but nothing further. My jam session with Nick lasted for 2 hours. It went from both of us on the guitars, to him on keyboard with me still on guitar, to me on keyboard and him on guitar. I was on the keyboard for an hour, and it was amazing. It was at this point in the night, that Nick told me he has been playing the guitar for 20 years (he is in his 30's). I was so glad he did not say that in the beginning or I would have never ventured to play in front of him. His skills were incredible, somehow, I managed to improvise well on the keyboard. There was a solid 15 minutes where it felt like an out of body experience, and after thinking about it, I can say that it was worship, for me at least. It moved me deeply, and I think the others who walked by the room were moved too. I am so thankful for that experience. It was like food for my soul. Just wish we could have recorded it all. I have decided that I love the electric guitar. I still love acoustic, but I want an electric too. Maybe one day when I stop moving from country to country, I will buy one. A big point in sharing all of this with you guys is to let you know that God is developing my artistic side here, and I am loving it.


Molly Kate said...

I'm loving it too! please keep sharing with us! it's so encouraging to hear!

Anonymous said...

If you want to know more about what Crap Art is about...what you saw...what you did, then check this out:

This was the origination of the idea: