Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blessed are the....

I have had a break through. Last night, I was doing my daily Bible study for church, and I realized something, or I should say that the Holy Spirit was kind enough to open my eyes to a certain reality. God has been using the past 8 months of my life to teach my the Beattitudes. Here is a short summary on them. There are 8 of them, and the first four are different from the second four. The first four are blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are those who mourn, blessed are the meek, and blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. These four bring you to the reality that you need God and are the door to His greatness. The second four are blessed are the merciful, blessed are the pure in heart, blessed are the peacemakers, and blessed are the persecuted. The latter four here are our giving of ourselves and the practice of God's greatness. You must have the first four actively in your life before you can display the last four. For how can you give of yourself when you do not realize your need for God? No need= nothing to give. The first half is love God, and second is love others. I am seeing that God has allowed me to be poor in spirit, to mourn for a considerable amount of time for different reasons, to be meek (which the study says you need others in this time, and I have desperately needed others over the past 8 months), and to hunger and thirst after righteousness. This last one has not come quite as it did in Texas. It was always so emotionally charged in Texas, and I think the passion and emotions are good things, but as of late it has been more a decision to hunger after Him than a feeling about it. Let's be honest, you don't feel it everyday, at least that's how it is for me. Even on the days when I don't feel it, and cannot hear Him, I choose His road, because I have come to find that there are no other roads that lead to life. This leads to me to my last post. I have been thinking about it a lot, and God has given me peace about it. I will not go into detail about the thought process, or this entry would be like a Dickens novel. To close this post, I will say that I am excited about what God is doing, and how He is working in me to form the Beattitudes. There are greater things to come through the pain of this transformation. Hoping that I will see it, and that I will start living out the last four Beattitudes here in Korea.

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