Tuesday, December 2, 2008

He is Literal...

This is from my devotional today. God is so literal sometimes that it shocks me, because I am expecting Him to always speak in some coded mysterious way, and then He lays it out so plainly. 

"How can we say. 'It could never be God's will for me to be sick.'? If it was God's will to bruise His own Son (Isaiah 53:10), why shouldn't He bruise you? What shines forth and reveals God in your life is not your relative consistency to an idea of what a saint should be, but your genuine, living relationship with Jesus Christ, and your unrestrained devotion to Him whether you are well or sick."
-Oswald Chambers

Note the mention of "unrestrained devotion", it really seems funny to me that you can be restrained by your physical body, but at the same time, in your relationship with God, you can be unrestrained/free from all burdens. I think I allow my physical restraint to effect my spiritual state more than I should. For what more does God desire than my whole heart?  

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reeders said...

I really like this post! You wrote in my facebook message too, but I just think it is so awesome how God speaks sometimes, like you said...sometimes so literal! God spoke many times, very literally to me through "Breaking Free" by Beth Moore!....but I also have never really considered the whole fact that we can restrain ourselves...hmmm....anyways, Love ya!