Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Depressing Vacation

I never thought the concept of vacation would be depressing, but I have just arrived upon the realization that this year's "vacation" could be vastly depressing. I do not have enough money or time to go home and see me family. I do not even have enough money to go to Japan, unless I take the 14 hour fairy, no really, it is 14 hours long. My church friends do not have the same time off as me, and my friends in Seoul are not responding to whether they will have time open on those days. I really hate this. God knows because I am constantly talking His ear off about it. I never thought that I would be praying so much about my vacation. I am fine with my situation here Daegu, I have peace about these 12 months, but I am freaking out over figuring out what to do for my 5 day weekend. A vacation should be refreshing, not stressful. I really don't know what to do, so I guess I will keep talking to God about it.

On top of the vacation drama, I am starting to get my first case of the Christmas blues. My family will all be together in Italy as of this weekend, and I will not be with them. I hate that fact. Today, my coworker, Chloe got a package in the mail for Christmas from her family and had to hold back the tears. I know that the reason for the season is not family or friends, but sharing the beauty of Christ's birth with them is something you take for granted until you don't have it. I am praying that the Lord will be my comfort, and fill my heart with joy despite all these things that are happening right now. I will still probably call my bosses Scrooge because of this all year long.

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Jessica said...

I love you and wish that there was some way I could fly you to Italy for just a few days. It's going to be a sad, hard christmas for us all with out you. Love you