Thursday, November 6, 2008

God Moves

The story of my time in South Korea comes to this in the last two months, God always moves in ways I do not expect. He has given me so much courage that I know is not my own. I say things that would scare the living day lights out of me to say so bluntly back in the states for fear of turning someone off to God, but here it is all so different. The times I do not even see it coming, then God shows up in the middle of another conversation. He has been reminding me that He is the Sovereign One. I do not need to worry when it seems like no one has changed by the end of the conversation, God stands Sovereign, and He will do as He pleases in His glorious time. Last night, I heard a few arguments as to why people do not believe in God, and they only seemed to drive me more towards God. Their conclusions of life were all so hopeless, and pointless. It is so true that some people are blinded with veil over their eyes, and do not see what is so plainly in front of them. I am praying that many veils are removed this year. Please join me in doing the same.

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reeders said...

This is so true, Jules! God is so Sovereign and works in ways that we do not even expect...this is so obvious just from reading through your posts! It is encouragin to see how the LORD is continuing to provide strength and boldness! I know that it must be difficult not to be surrounded by a community of believers!! I am glad to hear though that you found a church! I am so truly encouraged as I read through these and see how the LORD is moving! Continuing to pray for this all!! With the love of the LORD!!