Monday, November 17, 2008

Come to the waters and drink...

Lately, I have been desiring deep fellowship. There is a church I attend here, but my relationships with the people in it are still superficial and have not even scratched the surface of depth. I am discovering that it is not just enough for me to have a church, I need the people in the church as well. In my cynical state, I have a hard time letting those people in. I feel that many of them are cheesy, what an awful person I must be to not even give them a chance. Korea is such a challenge because I know I am in the right place, in the middle of God's will, but there is no perfect fit here. What I mean by that is that there is no particular person that jumps out at me in this time to be deep meaningful friend. God has always provided those for me since I can remember, now they are all so far away from me, across the is so encouraging hearing from them, but I need someone here too. My prayer is that the Lord will bring someone who will pour into me, or I may just shrivel up soon. God has so graciously provided me with so many opportunities to minister to others and share about who He is, more than I have ever had in my whole life, but it is draining at the same time. I will hold fast to 2 Cor. 12 that says His grace is sufficient for me, and in my weakness He is strong. I will believe that the Lord is leading me more towards understanding the measure of the fullness of His love which has no limit. A love, which no one can separate me from. I will come to the waters and drink.

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