Sunday, January 4, 2009

Notes to Self...

1) Must be careful when baking things for boys, they may think you are emotionally invested in them, when in fact, you are just trying to show them the love of Jesus on Christmas. (I am currently shaking my head)

2) If you are sad and missing people, looking at old pictures of them will not make you feel any better, just more nostalgia...

3) When you leave town for more than 3 days in the winter, it is smart to have someone go to your place and turn on the heater for a few hours or it will be freezing when you return. It may also take 6 hours for it to return to a decently warm temperature.

4) my shoe size in Korea is 245, never knew my feet were so huge...

5) wearing a hat for too long will give you a headache

6) when feeling irritable and not wanting a lot of attention avoid going outside because there is always going to be at least one person staring at you here

7) get used to the fact that you will always be stared at, followed closely around in stores, and pushed as you are walking

8) there are lonely days that no one can make better

9) the nicest salesman in Korea is downtown and will let you try things on

10) the lonely days always pass, just have to push through them

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