Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just an eraser...

I am trying to instill in my upper level classes that they can use imagination when writing. Descriptive writing is what I am focusing on right now with my XL2 class, and they cannot fathom that their school could have a scent or sounds. So I am writing this in honor of the non-creative classes that I have in hopes that they will gain an imagination.


I come in all shapes and sizes.
I am short, I am tall, I am fat, and I am thin.
I am round, I am square, I am a heart, I am a cat, and I am a face.

My vast array of colors can only be rivaled by the rainbow.
Red, white, blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, orange, black, gray, and brown as far as the eye can see.
I can match your clothes, I can match your bag, and I can even make you look cooler than that other friend you have.

I am potent and strong, do not smell me for too long...

With a gentle brushing I do my work, and with a swish of your hand, my remnants are gone.
Simple sounds to accompany your scribblings.
Brush, brush, brush, swish, swish, swish....

I will right your wrongs, and make you reliable.
I will tidy up your mess, so that all may see what a glorious artist or writer you can be.
I can also put a hole right through your work if press me for too long.
When using me, most of the time, you cannot go wrong.


On another note, it has been a tough week so far, and it is only Wednesday tomorrow. Pray that I will gather strength from the Lord, and make Him my satisfaction when these hard times arise.
Love you all!

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