Monday, January 26, 2009

Italy was lovely. It was so nice to get a break from Korea. The plane ride back was another story. I made a vow today to never eat Korean plane food again. They were serving Betenbop which is a mixture of vegetables and rice, nothing too dangerous right? WRONG! About 20 minutes after lunch, I started feeling gross, I got up to go to the bathroom and nearly passed out. When I got to the bathrooms, I actually did pass out for a split second, then got up, went into the tiny stall and proceeded to rid my body of it's lunch. I spent the next 8 hours of my flight praying that I would not throw up again and fighting my gag reflex caused by some strong nasty odor hanging in the air all over the plane. Once I got off the plane, I felt fine except for the exhaustion that my body was feeling. Being way tired and coming back to an empty apartment is not a good combination. I felt lonely for a good hour or so, and then made myself go by some food. Today, Homeplus was closed because it is Lunar New Year here, and so I went to the corner store I live above for food. My land lord and his wife run the store. Turns out she has cooked a whole plate of food for me. It was so sweet, I almost cried (once again...I am reallllllllllyyyyy tired today), and then took the plate upstairs. I cannot force myself to eat it because of the lunch I threw up today, but I am thankful for the effort and the thought.

I have began to wonder if the throwing up on the plane today was an attack from the enemy, or if God is really trying to convince me not to spend another year here...I have no idea. If God is trying to detur me from staying here, He is doing a heck of a job. The whole plane ride after the toilet episode, I was asking myself why I was going back to Korea besides the obvious finishing out my contract and having no other job. I have no reason to stay here. This is a back and forth thing in my mind, so we will see what tomorrow brings.

Lastly, I am praying for no more illness. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, because I am tired of living as a zombie.

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