Thursday, October 2, 2008

God has a sense of humor

Here in Daegu, South Korea, it is a tradition for all the English teachers to go out on Wednesday nights. 95% of us do not start teaching until around 1:30, so we can afford to stay out a little later at night than the average crowd. Wednesday nights are designed with the purpose of seeing friends, relaxing, and forgetting the first half of your week. This was my first Wednesday out with my co-workers, we went to Commune. It is a bar that has open mike night each week. I think Andrew, Chloe, and I will do something one week, I am excited about it. Anyhow, so last night I meet this guy at Commune's, or I guess I should say he found me. He introduced himself and did not leave my side for the rest of the night. One thing that annoys me about guys, is that so many of them feel that they have to brag about everything in front of you so you will think they are amazing. The random guy continues bragging about how he knows everyone in Daegu, blah, blah, blah, and then he starts to tell me that he is not afraid of committing to a relationship. He says that he is not a big hook-up guy, and has very high standards. I tell him that I do not do the "hook up" thing either, and that I have high standards as well. Naturally, he asks me what they are, so I tell him that any man that I am in a relationship with has to have to a relationship with God. He is stunned, so I ask him if he knows what that is, at this point in time, he still has a blank look on his face, which compels me to explain what I mean. After I explain to him what a relationship with God is, he says, "so I guess I am not up to those standards," and I said "no." The funny thing is that that did not deter him from trying to get my number, and asking me to hang out this weekend. He did not leave my side the whole time, then I left, and thankfully he did not try to follow me. That is why I am thankful for Andrew, he makes me feel safer in strange situations here. He knows that I value having him around. So I say that God has a sense of humor, because I never thought that something like that would happen. There is one thing that makes me sad. Today, I realized that what I value, and hold dearly: the gospel, and my relationship with God; is all foolishness to my co-workers. I am praying that it will become life, and that they will yearn for the Lord within the deepest recesses of their souls. Pray for the english teachers in Daegu, the harvest is so ripe, but there are so few workers.

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reeders said...

I am not surprised that you were hit one...You are a very beautiful joyful girl and the love of the LORD is contagious! People are attracted to it even if they don't know why, but too many times push it away, which is sad!...I will definitely continue to pray for your co-workers, and your voldness to continue to live out the gospel to them!! Love ya!