Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh, What a Difference One Letter Can Make...

Today and Monday were both test days. I gave all my students their monthly test. Some did quite well, and others did awful. Now, I know how my teachers felt grading my tests in grade school. The amazing thing is how much of a difference one letter can make. On the phonics section of one test a little boy was supposed to spell "rope" and ended up spelling "rape". Another kid wrote "dike" in an attempt to spell out "bike". I am very busy now grading all the tests, recording the grades, and then sending the progress reports out to the parents.

Thank you for all your prayers over me finding the church on Sunday. I can't say that I found it without any trouble, but I got there with God's help. I made it to the right subway stop, but then I had no idea where to go because the directions were pretty awful. After about 10 minutes of wondering around, I found two Korean guys on their smoking break. I asked them if they knew where the church was, and they took me into the store where they looked up directions online. As if it wasn't nice enough of them to quit their breaks for me, one of the proceeded to take me all the way to the church. I guess they saw helpless lost puppy look on my face, haha. Another amazing thing, is that I did not get upset over not knowing where I was going. It did not freak me out a bit, which is not characteristic of me. Anyhow, the Korean guy and I chatted along the way to the church, he was really nice, I wanted to give him a hug, but felt it might cross some kind of cultural boundary line. I am so thankful for all the gracious and kind Koreans I have come across in my first week here. Praise God for His provisions!

OH, and it is my one week anniversary for being in Daegu, South Korea. One week ago, I arrived in this city, and to this studio I live in. I was tired, lonely, and scared. It is amazing to see all the things that can happen in one week. Praise the Lord!

My new picture is of two drawings that my students made me. They are both sketches of me, or should I say, Teacher Julia. = )

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Molly Kate said...

I LOVE THESE drawings! They are SO CUTE!!! I'm glad you made it to church and that you are okay! miss you and love you!