Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blasted Pollution

I have conveniently discovered that the pollution that floats over from China, is what has made me sick. My tiny illness has turned into a sinus infection. There is some info online about sinus infections, and I wanted to look and see what they suggested for cures. The website said that sinus infections are caused by irritation of your sinuses due to allergies, or pollution. I have not had any allergies here so far, this leads me to the conclusion that my infection stems from the lovely pollution produced by China. My friend Bhavani, used to work in a pharmacy back in Canada, and she told me what I should take. Now, I just have to translate that into Korean. The good news about Korea, is that you do not have to have a prescription to get the meds you need. This could be bad news for drug abusers, but in my case, it works out. I do not have to get an appointment with a doctor, I can just go to the store and buy the meds. I hope they are cheap. The sad news about my annoying sickness, is that I have to miss celebrating my friend Ryan's birthday. Everyone is dressing up 80's theme, it will be hilarious, but I will not be there...I will be at home, try to let my body recover before a new week of teaching begins. I think being around all the smoke downtown would be bad for me as well. I am going to try to make it to church tomorrow, and stay for their Biblestudy afterwards, I am hoping my body will let me do that.

On another note, the weather has finally started to turn here. Today, the high was in the 60's, it's about time, especially since October ends this week. The trees in the mountains are starting to turn colors as well. It is really quite beautiful to stop and to look at them from my window, or whenever the pollution is not blocking them while I am in the city. I will take a picture of them and post it on here soon. I am looking forward to the colder weather. I love the fall. The crisp, cool air, the smell of fire wood, and a cup of some hot tea/cider makes my heart glad. I wore my fall coat for the first time today. I just wish I had a fireplace. One day, I plan on living in a city that has fall/winter weather, and my apartment/house/studio/flat will have a fireplace.

Hope you are all finding yourselves in good health physically, and spiritually as this month of October comes to a close. Love you guys. Thanks for all the prayers.

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Katie Bearden said...

Hey! I'm praying for you and LOVE this blog!