Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How big is your God?

I finished my book this week. It was a sad thing since it was one of those great books that you wish would go on forever. The last chapter was about your view of God. How big is your God? When catastrophe strikes, how big is your God? When you tackle your daily tasks, how big is your God? When you deal with difficult relationships, how big is your God? When it feels like everything is against you, how big is your God?

Do you see God as safe? Does the thought of the Lord leave you in awe? Does the Lord cause you to respond in worship? Do you realize that with God any task is possible? Do you trust Him to do what you need done, or do you try to accomplish it in your own power? Do you realize how much God has already done?

I can say that I do, I know it in the back of my mind, but when the world seems to spin madly, I don't always live that way. Sometimes my heart seems to react correctly, and my faith seems like it could not be knocked over by a bulldozer. Other times, I panic, I look to other things to fix my problems, or satisfy my needs. God tends to be downsized by me. That is why I need to remember what He has done for me, and hear what He does for others. I need to stop and be in awe of the beauty of nature, to remember that He thought it up, He created it. He is the most amazing artist. I need to read my Bible and see God's character in action. I need to envision Him parting the Red Sea, opening the Earth to swallow people, flooding the Earth and then bringing it back to normalcy, suffering on the cross, dying, and then defeating death and sin. I need to "notice" the little things as the day goes on. He causes the sun to rise, the trees to grow, the birds to sing, my heart to beat, my eyes to see, my ears to hear, the wind to blow, the clouds to come and go, the sun to set, the moon to rise, the stars to shine, and our bodies to rest. When I "notice" these things, my heart can respond in worship. When I worship, I can more rightly see how big God is.

How big is your God? What will you trust Him for today?

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Brett said...

Your blog made me think of this quote I read...It's from a book called "Pleasures Evermore" by Sam Storms.

"we were made to be enchanted, enamored, and engrossed with God; enthralled, enraptured, and entranced with God; enravished, excited, and enticed by God; astonished, amazed, and awed by God; astounded, absorbed, and agog with God; beguiled and bedazzled; startled and staggered; smitten and stunned; stupefied and spellbound; charmed and consumed; thrilled and thunderstruck; obsessed and preoccupied; intrigued and impassioned; overwhelmed and overwrought; gripped and rapt; enthused and electrified; tantalized, mesmerized, and monopolized; fascinated, captivated, and exhilarated by God; intoxicated and infatuated with God!"