Friday, February 6, 2009

Exciting News!!!!!!

Here is the short end of it, I will share more later when it is not 4 am and I am not dead tired. Tonight, I went to a house warming party for Yanin and Bhavani. As the night rolled on, we all started talking about what we believe. I got a chance to share the gospel with Yanin, she was raised Catholic, and she said that she wants that for her life. I told her that I would pray that she would understand it and have it, she said thanks!!!!! On the way home, Andrew and I had a good talk about his past and what he thinks of Jesus. He said that he is still bitter over some things and was depressed in the past. He asked about my conversation with Yanin, and after I told him he seemed pleased and said that I opened a door for her. Then, in front of our apartments, I told him that I think he should talk with God about his bitterness and the past again. He agreed. I told him that I pray for him and the other Wolbae folks everyday, because in view of eternity this is soooooo important. He said thanks and that he needs it. Then I got to talk with him about how knowing God is not just a ticket out of hell, but that we need Him EVERYDAY. I shed a few tears, he said that he needed to hear that. This is one of the best nights in Daegu ever, and to think, I almost did not go to the house warming party. Praise the Lord! Now, I pray that the truth will sink into their heads and hearts. That they will truly come into a relationship with Jesus. Please, I beg you, pray with me for them. They are closer than we all know.

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Alexis Anderson Lee said...

Oh, my girl! Eternity is at your doorstep; Jesus Christ lives in you.