Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Calm in my Storm

Last night, I received another email from my recruiter. The email said that some of my documents do not have the stamp they need from the Capital in Austin even though I sent them to the Capital. Tonight, I talk with my recruiter to see what this means. Honestly, I feel very small at the moment, and extremely out of control. That is reality, I am not in control, it's just funny how I don't face it until moments like this. I will most likely be really straight with my recruiter tonight about this shady business that is happening, and tell him that I will not tolerate it. Maybe I will not be going to South Korea anymore...maybe I will have to stay and find a job here in Houston.

I am in the middle of a great storm, there is only one calm in my storm, one consistency that does not change. I have been listening to the Jimmy Needham song "Hurricane" religiously through the past two days because I feel like it describes my life now. Last night, a good friend pointed me to James 1:2. So now I am praying that I can consider these trials as pure joy.

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