Sunday, November 29, 2009


We sit in anticipation of our next destination on the train.
We roll slowly through the countryside, past rows of vineyards, stacks of hay, and trees.
The leaves of the trees create a collage of color; red, green, gold, and orange.
They dance playfully with the wind, and begin to fall in delicate spirals towards the lush green grass.
Boldly, the trees begin to bear their branches to world, ready for the icy cold of winter.
Brown, gray, and white bark with knots, or indentations; they openly bear their scars of the past.
Their stories can be told with one look.
No fear in their hearts, they face the uncertainty of tomorrow.
No worry in their minds, they trust their days to their Maker.
Oh what great reminders are whispered by these trees.
They shall stay this way, as we continue past them on our journey of life.

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