Monday, June 21, 2010

Glory is not found in these shambles...

In the smallest corners of our minds, man knows that it longs for glory. I would like to assert that man does not know what glory is. There may be a faint etching of the reality in our minds, but what do humble creatures like ourselves know about glory? We run after fame, money, attention, reputations, physical perfection, sex, possessions, and eternal youth. While we waste our lives searching for and dreaming of what this world deems as glory, the lowly live in it and know it. The outcasts who see the world as upside as their King did are compelled by the growing notion of it. To live is God's glory and gain. To desire His glory at any cost or state of life is freedom and joy. If the world understood this, if it knew what glory is and the only One it belongs to, perhaps there would be less striving. One day it will come to fruition, and I long for that day. Come Lord Jesus, come.

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