Monday, October 5, 2009

Questions and a Statement of Moderate Length

A few questions:

What is my boat right now? Am I getting out of my boat?

Am I doing what I know I should be doing?

Why is society so driven by what they accomplish? Why can't we be, let God do, and stop racking up points for self righteous calculations?

A statement:

It is hitting me this week, that God puts me in odd positions that most people do not get to experience in their lives. I think I have a tiny idea of why I am here in Italy now. It was not the reason I supposed in the beginning, but when has it ever been what I thought? I came with nothing but the most glorious ideas and plans to progress my adulthood/future. It was a plan of action, not idleness, and then God stopped me in my tracks. There was a slight flaw in the layout I had created beforehand. Perhaps, I could have carried on with the old plans, but there were tiny irritating details that were not right. This is in no way a statement advocating idleness or saying that God has called me to be idle in this time. He is rather, calling me to something the grown up/working world will not see as practical or impressive on my resume. I don't think my life will ever resemble "the norm" for an adult. I will work, pay bills, and all that other fun stuff. There will also be times in which, I think I won't, times like now. This could all be proven wrong quite quickly over the next couple of years, but I am just pointing out the pattern I am noticing in my life. These times are not really for myself, but for others around me.

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